Landscape Construction Services


Landscaping services are an important part of creating a superior aesthetic appeal to the exterior of any property. Apart from introducing a whole new chapter to the overall look and feel of the property, a well-maintained landscape goes a long way in enhancing the project's authenticity, tranquility, and completeness.


At Give Back Contracting, we have handled a wide range of projects of all sizes. We have invested in a highly competent team that understands the subtle details of establishing and maintaining well-thought-out landscape concepts.

Topsoil Placement
All types of Topsoil with proper analysis to meet specifications
Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Brush layering & Willow staking 
SOD Placement
Rapid establishment while requiring little water
Riprap & Mulch
Controls weeds, retains moisture and prevents erosion
Fencing & Gates
Cedar, Chainlink, and other fence types, barriers, guard rails, and more.
Retaining Walls
MSE, Allan Block, Lock-Block, Flex MSE Vegetated, Gabion, Timber Crib
Site Furniture
Benches, Waste Receptacles, Recyclers, Tables, Signs​ planters, bollards, bike racks/shelters
Paving Stone Installation
Concrete, Brick, Cobblestone, Rubber, Bluestone, Flagstone, and other types. Interlocking, permeable, pressed slabs, etc.
Water Features
Custom Water Features, gurglers, fountains
Irrigation Design & Installation
Concrete & Carpentry Services
Artificial Turf
Landscape Lighting

Give Back Contracting has worked on numerous commercial projects and has built up a great deal of experience in delivering projects on time and on budget. From landscaping for buildings and other commercial lots, where we are required to create vibrant and contemporary landscapes, to high profile parks & gardens that require an inviting yet modern look – we have become experts in taking drawings & specifications and making them a reality.

We believe that innovation & alternative solutions can enhance the project and save costs. We strongly believe that the possibilities of modern landscaping solutions are virtually endless, and when imagination and cutting edge technical know-how meet, the results can be truly exceptional. 

We have undertaken commercial landscaping projects in the lower mainland essentially covering the whole of British Columbia province & western Canada. The members of our team have been working together for years, and have overseen all manner of projects, from the complex to the most straightforward, from the large to the small ones. 

We pride ourselves in transforming numerous landscapes for commercial uses. Whether it is a bridge file, a new road construction, an industrial project, a park, a residential or commercial development you are working on in British Columbia, our expertise, past projects experience and professionalism speaks for itself and will give you a peace of mind you need when managing your project.

We are fully proficient at all aspects of commercial landscaping including:


  • Landscape design

  • Landscape construction and product installation

  • Commercial landscape maintenance and snow removal


Our team is fully professional in many aspects of commercial & industrial workplace requirements, safety standards, and knows what the grass, trees, shrubs, and plants in the project's location require to stay green throughout the year.